Strand 6

Language Resources (13 WP) (resp. B. Sagot, Alpage, Paris 7)

  • LR-1 A joint approach to language resources development (resp. C. Plancq) LLF, Alpage, LPP-P3, LLACAN, Lacito, SeDyL

LR-2 Designing semi-automatic techniques for resource development

  • LR-2.1 Techniques for resource-scarce languages (resp. B. Sagot) Alpage, LLF, LPP-P3
  • LR-2.2 Techniques for transfering lexical resources from one language to a closely-related one (resp. B Sagot) Alpage, LLF, MII, LPP-P3, SeDyL
  • LR-2.3 Techniques for speech corpora  (resp. M. Adda-Decker) LPP-P3, LACITO, Sedyl

LR-3 Developing new resources for French

  • LR-3.1 Instantiating a French FrameNet and FrameNet-annotate the French TreeBank (resp. M. Candito) Alpage, LLF, Lattice
  • LR-3.2 Adding annotation layers in the French Treebank for anaphora, (co)reference, named entities and discourse structures  (resp. L. Danlos) Alpage, LLF, Lattice
  • LR-3.3 A multilayer meta-lexicon for French: developing mappings between existing resources (resp. B Sagot) Alpage, LPNCog, LPP-P5
  • LR-3.5 Acoustic and physiological data for multi-sensor investigation of normal speech (resp. J. Vaissière) LPP-P3, LLF
  • LR-3.6 Development of non-standard speech corpora: learner speech in French and English (resp. E. Delais) LLF, LPP-P3
  • LR-3.7 Pathological speech: acoustic, perceptual  and physiological data (resp. C. Fougeron) LPP-P3, LLF
  • LR-3.8 Longitudinal corpus of spoken French: acoustic, perceptual and physiological data (resp. C. Gendrot) LPP-P3, LFF

LR-4 Developing resources for various languages

  • LR-4.3 Linguistic resources for Mandarin Chinese (resp. C. Saillard) LLF, Alpage
  • LR-4.6 Towards a Treebank for Mauritian creole (resp. F. Henri) LLF, Alpage