Strand 3

Typology and dynamics of linguistic systems (8 WP) (resp. A Donabédian, Sedyl, Inalco)

RT Historical linguistics, phyla and typology

  • RT1 Reconstruction, internal classification and grammatical description in the world’s two biggest phyla: Niger-Congo and Austronesian (resp V Vydrin, L. Sagart): CRLAO, Llacan, CRLAO, Lacito (1 postdoc to be hired at Inalco)
  • RT3 Long term typological changes in languages (resp. F. Jacquesson): Lacito, HTL, MII

LC Modelizing language Contacts and language areas

  • LC1 Multifactorial Analysis of language changes (resp. I. Leglise):  Sedyl, LACITO, LLACAN, LLF
  • LC2 Areal phenomena in Northern sub-Saharan Africa (resp. D. Idiatov & M. Van de Velde): Llacan, LPP-P3
  • LC3 Caucasus-Iran-Anatolia belt (resp. A. Donabedian, P. Samvelian) Sedyl, MII, LLF

GD Grammar and  Discourse: modelizing interfaces

  • GD1 Typology and annotation of information structure and grammatical relations (resp. A. Mettouchi, M. Vanhove): LLacan, SEDYL, Lacito, CRLAO
  • GD3 A cross-linguistic approach of discourse markers (resp. C. Bonnot): Sedyl, LLF
  • GD4 A typological, historical and quantitative approach to the interrelation between tense, aspect and modality (resp. P. Caudal) LLF, Lacito, LIPN, Sedyl