Séminaire EFL 2013

Dans le cadre des projets de formation du Labex EFL,  une série de séminaires vous a été proposée au titre des chaires internationales en 2013. 

JANET FODOR   Distringuised Professor, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Thème: “Modeling Language acquisition, disembiguating triggers, Center-embedded sentences”

07 et 14 janvier 2013 de 14h à 16h  Présentation, disponible en streaming ici

09 et 16 janvier 2013 de 16h à 18h  Présentation, disponible en streaming ici 


IRINA A. SEKERINA   Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Staten Island

Thème: “Visual World Eye-Tracking: A Lifespan Perspective”

07, 14, 21 et 28 janvier 2013 de 16h à 18h


SHALOM LAPPIN   Professor of computational Linguistics, King's College London

Thème: "Probabilistic models of syntax and semantic"

Lecture 1 (05/04/13): Intensions as Computable Functions
Recent work on the application of the distinction between denotational and operational semantics of programming languages  to natural languages as the basis for a fine-grained semantics without possible worlds

Présentation disponible ici

Lecture 2 (12/04/13): Towards a Statistical Model of Grammaticality
Initial results of our language modeling project in which we are developing enriched language models to represent syntactic knowledge in stochastic terms

Présentation disponible ici

Lecture 3 (19/04/13): Probabilistic Type Theory
The first part of  a paper on a probabilistic version of Type Theory with Records (TTR) as the foundation of a probabilistic semantics

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Lecture 4 (25/04/13): Compositional Semantics and Bayesian Semantic Learning
The second part of the paper in which we develop a compositional semantics and a Bayesian learning theory, with probabilistic TTR as the interface between these two components of semantic representation

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JOAN BRESNAN   Professor Emerita in Humanities and Senior Researcher, Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University

Thème: voir le plan de cours ici

Les cours sont disponibles en ligne:

Probabilistic knowledge of grammar: empirical studies

The plasticity of grammar and the empirical foundations of syntax





Predicting syntactic alternations




Is grammatical competence probabilistic?





Spoken syntax